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.NET Architecture Guides

.NET is big! You can build Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Games, IoT, and many other scenarios.
And .NET Architecture Guides are the right place to learn “how to” architect these apps. Microsoft has created several guides that provide an overview of the different components of the framework and how they interact.
The .NET Architecture Guides are designed to be a resource for developers of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. They provide an overview of the different components of the .NET framework, Microservices, Cloud-native designs. The guides also explain how these components work together to provide a consistent and reliable programming experience.
The .NET Architecture Guides also provide information on how to work with the architecture in practice, including how to create and structure projects, and how to use the tools and technologies provided by the framework to develop and debug applications. The guides also cover best practices and design patterns that can be used to build robust and maintainable applications.
.NET Architecture Guides are an invaluable resource for developers looking to learn about and work with the .NET framework. They provide a comprehensive overview of the different components of the framework, how they work together, and how to use them to create high-quality applications. These guides are designed for developers of all skill levels and are essential for any developer looking to work with .NET.
I have read “Architecting Cloud-Native .NET Apps for Azure” and “.NET Microservices: Architecture for Containerized .NET Applications” under .NET Microservices Architecture Guidance so far and found them quite good.
Read more about the architecture guides here
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