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Pub-Sub services in Azure

Azure provides several Pub/Sub services, which allow applications to send and receive messages through a publish-subscribe messaging pattern. These services enable decoupled communication between different components in your application and can help you build scalable, event-driven architectures. Some of the key Pub/Sub services in Azure are:
  1. Azure Event Grid: A fully managed event routing service that enables you to react to events from any source, including Azure services, third-party services, and custom applications. Event Grid supports both custom and Azure events and can be used for event-driven scenarios such as serverless computing, microservices architectures, and messaging-based workflows.
  1. Azure Service Bus: A messaging service that lets you decouple your applications and services by enabling asynchronous communication between them. Service Bus supports both queues and topics and enables reliable delivery of messages at scale.
  1. *Azure Event Hubs: A fully-managed, real-time data ingestion service that allows you to stream data at scale from any source, including IoT devices, clickstreams, and logs. Event Hubs can process millions of events per second and allows you to store and analyze your data in real-time.
  1. Azure Notification Hubs: A cross-platform push notification service that enables you to send push notifications to mobile devices, web browsers, and desktop applications. Notification Hubs support targeted notifications based on user preferences and can be integrated with Azure services such as Logic Apps and Event Grid.
  1. Azure Relay: A service that allows you to securely expose services within a corporate network to the public cloud. Relay supports both hybrid and cloud-only scenarios, and enables you to decouple your applications and services by enabling secure communication between them.
Overall, Azure provides a comprehensive suite of Pub/Sub services that enable you to build decoupled, event-driven architectures and integrate different components of your application through messaging.
Azure Event Hubs can be considered as both a pub-sub and event streaming service.
As a pub-sub service, Event Hubs uses a publish-subscribe model for event data, in which data is organized into streams of events. Each stream can have multiple publishers and subscribers, enabling you to decouple your data producers and consumers.
As an event streaming service, Event Hubs is designed for high-throughput, real-time data ingestion, and is capable of processing millions of events per second. It allows you to stream data at scale from any source, including IoT devices, clickstreams, and logs.
In summary, Azure Event Hubs is a service that provides capabilities for both pub-sub and event streaming scenarios, and can be used for a wide variety of use cases including real-time data ingestion, processing, and analysis.

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