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My favorite .NET sessions in Build 2023

Just like every year, Build 2023 was a fantastic event, and there were many great sessions. Obviously, ChatGPT and Copilots were the most talked about topics.
If you missed it earlier, watch Satya’s keynote here. There are also great sessions by Kevin Scott (The era of the AI Copilot), Scott Gu (Next generation AI for developers with the Microsoft Cloud), Rajesh Jha and Panos Panay (Shaping the future of work with AI).
We also had many great sessions from the .NET team. Here are my top favorite 5 sessions:
  1. Deep dive into .NET performance and native AOT: It is always a delight to listen to David Fowler and Damian Edwards. They cover the latest advancements and goals for .NET 8. My notes from this talk are coming soon!
  1. What's new in C# 12 and beyond
  1. What's new in .NET 8 for Web, frontends, backends, and futures?
  1. Cloud-native development with .NET 8
  1. Kickstart your .NET modernization journey with the RWA pattern
Let me know what was your favorite session!

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