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C# Dev Kit extension

So far, in VSCode, we had OmniSharp powered C# extension. Although good enough to start working on basic C# projects, it lagged things like solution explorer, creating a project from templates, building/rebuilding projects, and running unit tests.
But this week, they launched C# Dev Kit, a new extension (still in preview and closed source) - which introduces many cool features:
<snip from extension’s page>
  • Project System / Solution Explorer
    • Solution Node Actions
    • Add Project
    • Build/Run Project
  • Code Editing (Uses the C# extension)
    • Refactoring
    • Code Navigation (Go To Definition/References)
    • Code Completions
    • Roslyn powered semantic awareness
  • Package Management
    • Automatic NuGet Restore
  • Testing
    • Discover, Run, and Debug Tests
notion image
You can install it from VSCode extensions or directly from below.

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